Birch Tree
Handmade in our shop, with natural birch bark poles and is available with foliage in gold tones and in green tones.
Double Aralia Tree
With lovely foliage on natural dragonwood trunks.
Bougainvillea Tree
This lovely tree is handmade in our shop and is on natural dragonwood trunks, choose from 2 different colors, pink or white.
Mixed Succulents
0.5" & 9" potted in a silver container as shown.
Bird of Paradise
With 27 realistic leaves, 2 orange flowers and 1 bud, comes potted in a non-decorative liner.
Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
Has a natural wood trunk with 170 leaves.

I wanted to say thank you! I received the
10' Golden Cane Palm and it is just perfect. I've had several people comment that the tree doesn't look silk AT ALL. I had to tell them that it wasn't real!

- A.R.

I received my Clematis and Hydrangea Garland and just wanted to tell you that it is absolutely beautiful. I had been shopping around in the stores for it and haven't seen anything like it for the price.

- Jean